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Una Boccata d’Arte 2024
Public commission
Serre di Rapolano, Italy
Opening: 22 June

Overgaden Intro
Solo exhibition at O-Overgaden
Copenhagen, Denmark
22 November 2024 to 2 February 2025

Group Exhibition at Studio Hannibal
Berlin, Germany
7 June to 5 July

Art Award Nord
Group exhibition at Herbert Gerisch-Stiftung
Neumünster, Germany
28 April to 26 May 2024

House Warming
Group exhibition at Bloko_748
Venezia, Italy
17 April to 24 November 2024

Sculpture Biennale Søby
Group exhibition in the public space of Søby
Ærø, Denmark
1 June to 1 September


Proof That This Is a Home
, 2022

Villiam Miklos Andersen and Nicholas Stewens, Festival für Junge Talente at Frankfurter Kunstverein with Nicholas Stewens.

235 cm x 90 cm x 70 cm, oil painting, acrylic glass (various colours, types and qualities), beech-wood, acrylic- nuts, bolts, brackets and sticks. 

In „Proof That This Is a Home“, the “dwelling of the image”—its exhibition space within the exhibition space—comes into focus. Similar to a “meta-image,” the installation creates a sculptural image that contextualizes itself. Its motif is the house: building a house, creating a home, is socially understood as an undertaking charged with identity. The model-like representative of the genre “home sweet home,” abstracted in shimmering acrylic glass, bears its construction method hyper-self-consciously on its exterior: drawings and inscriptions are engraved on the walls, containing all the information about the construction of the object. They are both ornament and instruction. Inside hangs a painting, the reverse of which reads “proof that this is a home”—proof that the house can indeed be called a “home”? Or is it the other way around: the empty gesture of the soberly descriptive sentence, which after all merely gives expression to a subjective assertion, tips over into the opposite and questions the reality of its “domestic environment” as—quite literally—constructed. But if it is not four walls that make a home, what is it except subjective attributions and claims? What remains between the colorful panes that tint our vision, as if we were looking through a lens of shifting emotions? The fragile walls—not much more than colored light—do not protect us from an “outside world,” but only create the illusion of an “inside” that is to become a “home.” - Exhibition text by Festival der Junge Talente