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Una Boccata d’Arte 2024
Public commission
Serre di Rapolano, Italy
Opening: 22 June

Overgaden Intro
Solo exhibition at O-Overgaden
Copenhagen, Denmark
22 November 2024 to 2 February 2025

Group Exhibition at Studio Hannibal
Berlin, Germany
7 June to 5 July

Art Award Nord
Group exhibition at Herbert Gerisch-Stiftung
Neumünster, Germany
28 April to 26 May 2024

House Warming
Group exhibition at Bloko_748
Venezia, Italy
17 April to 24 November 2024

Sculpture Biennale Søby
Group exhibition in the public space of Søby
Ærø, Denmark
1 June to 1 September


The Pawn Shop, 2022

Modular pavillon (custom made wooden modules, textile banners, store sign, furniture light tubes and more), 3D-scanner, online portal, performances and event program.

The Pawn Broker was founded by Lauge Floris Larsen, M.B. Pedersen and Villiam Miklos Andersen, conceived as an artistic research project investigating topics around personal objects, systems of value and pseudo-busi-ness models.The Pawn Shop was a platform hosting the collectives and events in the basement of the exhibition venue ruruHaus at documenta fifteen. The premise for the installation’s appearance was a backdrop of a pawn shop: Build on the concept of “design for dissasembly” it consisted of interchangeable modules that was graduadlly combined into various architectural structures. According to the needs and ideas, the insstallation in ruruHaus changed constantly throughout the 100 days. Here The Pawn Broker invited and facilitated collaborations with over 30 local initiatives from Kassel and the surrounding area, as a platform for discussion groups, performances, concerts, fashion shows and more. The activities explored different concepts of value creation, affective value and alternative economic organisation. Aditionally, The Pawn Broker-collective held a series of performative events, where the pawn shop was open for guests to hand in objects of sentimental value. The installation, the activities and the objects that step into it were being documented and 3D-scanned, and was avaliable in a digital spacial collage avaliable to navigate through in the project’s online portal.